Walk and Talk Sessions

Are you time challenged?  Overwhelmed?  Stressed out?

Depressed?  Feeling stuck due to a life “situation”?

Having trouble transitioning?

Do you want less drama in your life?  Less negativity?  Less confusion?

Does it feel like negative people or situations are bringing you down?

Do you want more peace?  More energy?  More clarity?

Come do a Walk and Talk session with me and get some Light shed so you can make some positive shifts!

Walk and Talk with Judee Light


Several years ago, my intuition gave me a way to be able to connect with people who requested time with me and to get in some fun and healthy exercise and outdoors time, too.

At the time, I had a lot going on in my life because I was interested in so many things and continually desired to learn and grow and experience more.  And I was having a challenge fitting everything in! (This is still what is going on with me.)

I found that my time outdoors and my exercise time was often what I let go of.  And that didn’t feel so good!  And I had people calling me frequently wanting to get my input on their creative ideas or their challenges . . . or wanting my input on ways to look at their lives and their challenges in a more positive way.

My intuition gave me the idea to suggest Walk and Talks to people to make the most of our time.  Then when someone called me to ask for support or insight, I would say, “How about if we meet at Lake Ella . . . or at Myers Park . . . and talk while we walk?”  Those times worked out amazingly well for all involved!

Recently my intuition gave me the idea to add Walk and Talk sessions to my Feeling Uplifted Now business . . . and give people the opportunity to exchange money energy for a session with me while enjoying the benefits of walking.

Why walk?

My body loves to move . . . and so does yours.  Sometimes I find myself sitting at the computer for way too long.  What about you?

And frequently I am sitting in the car or in an airplane for long periods of time while traveling.   Are you a frequent traveler?

I love walking because it is easy, can be done anywhere, and has many benefits! (Make this a clickable link to lead to wording in red below.)

Walking helps you to feel better overall:

  •  Reduces stress
  • Lifts your mood
  • Gets your creative juices flowing
  • Revs up your energy

Walking improves your health:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Slims you down and firms you up
  • Reduces your chances for Type 2 diabetes
  • Can help you reduce, or even eliminate, the need for medications
  • Can help fade fibromyalgia
  • Reduces risk of breast cancer and colon cancer
  • Improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Improves your blood lipid profile
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Reduces risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Can help you kick the smoking habit

Walking enhances your abilities:

  •  Keeps your mind and memory sharper
  • Improves your balance and coordination

My offer and invitation to you

I offer you the opportunity to accomplish two things at once—Mindful Multitasking:

  •  get heard by someone who will listen to you and hear you,  accept you for who and what you are (without judgment), share insights with you, help you to see more possibilities, and support you in your vision
  • enjoy the beautiful outdoors while getting some healthy and fun exercise.

If you don’t live in my area, we can still Walk and Talk using our phones.  You walk in your location, and I walk in mine.  Or if walking is not your thing, we can do telephone sessions.

Single sessions                                                       Packages

  •   $50/30-minute session                   3 sessions (30 minutes each)       $125
  •   $85/1-hour session                           3 sessions (1 hour each)                $230

I invite you to be my Sole Mate!


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