About Me

I’m about having fun in my life . . . in my business and in my personal life, with my friends and family, and as I move through each day. I don’t look to make Fun a separate part of my day or my life. Intending to have fun is an attitude I apply to just about everything in my life.

I graduated myself from a well-paying job 7 years short of full retirement. My spirit wouldn’t let me do it anymore! A lot of people thought I was crazy. I love words, so I looked up the word “crazy” in the dictionary and in the thesaurus and picked out my two favorite definitions: “extraordinary” and “unbound” (the positive side of which is “free”). Yes, I was (and still am) crazy! I never looked back and am so grateful I took that leap of faith!

I have fun with being a speaker, a teacher, a networker, an author, and an editor in this human body.  I love the adventure of remembering Who I Really Am and living from that Beingness as much as I can!

I facilitate GrowShops and PlayShops. I love inspiring people to have more fun in their lives. I love watching them become more creative, productive, and prosperous—and experience a higher level of well-being as they allow themselves to have fun and feel good.

I know from personal experience that it is not easy to have fun when you are in pain (physical or financial) or when your body is not getting proper nutrition.  I offer all-natural pain relief through PowerStrips™ and whole food nutrition through SolarStrips™.

Thanks to my great-grandmother, Ollie Starbuck, I am a fourth generation Unity student and have been a speaker and workshop presenter at Unity churches for over 22 years.

Appreciation and Gratitude are powerful energies!  I love expressing these energies myself . . . and making it easy for people to express appreciation and gratitude by sending heartfelt cards and gifts through SendOutCards.

I love social media, travel, adventure, dancing, and being a mother and grandmother.

Here’s to more FUN in your life!

Judee Light