Welcome To your F.U.N. Life!


Are you wondering if it’s even possible?

fun lady with glassesYou may think having fun and getting things done are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but I’ve got great news for you!  When you learn and apply the secrets to Feeling Uplifted Now you can absolutely get more done by having more F.U.N.! 

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life_is_supposedjudee jumping having funI learned that life is supposed to be  FUN from one of my favorite teachers ~ Abraham.  And when I first heard it, I knew the Truth of it!

Yet, somehow we often block our channel of fun by thinking that, in order to be productive, we have to be serious so we can get things done.

Phrases like “Quit playing around!” and “Stop daydreaming!” from your childhood come racing back and you judge yourself for “goofing off.”

The truth is that you can be productive and have fun, too!

Actually, you can be more productive when you are having fun with what you do.

The truth is that despite looming deadlines, projects demanding your attention, and the hectic pace of our high-tech life, there is a way for you to have fun and accomplish great things, too!

Some of the greatest inventions were created while “playing around” . . . and daydreaming is simply using our amazing power of imagination to create in the invisible before bringing something to the visible physical world.

When you’re having fun, you are Feeling Uplifted Now.  You’re in the present moment.  You’re not thinking about the past and what you didn’t get done.  You’re not thinking about the future and worrying about any possibilities there.  You are in the moment and feeling good!  You are experiencing high vibrations!

And when you’re in this state of being – Feeling Uplifted Now

  • you are improving your health and well-being
  • you are more attractive (magnetic) to your good AND to the opposite sex
  • you are improving your prosperity flow
  • your relationships get better
  • you are enjoying yourself (in joy)!+
  • you are in the flow . . . in the zone
  • learning is easier and more effective
  • you are more creative
  • you are more productive